Put your heart where your mouth is.

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I just had a repeat of my past. I warned him in the beginning, though. Opposites attract but sooner or later, differences will catch up. I think he expected me to be mad but I’m not mad, only a bit disappointed in myself. I knew I deserved better but I was just going with the flow of things, like I normally do seeing how things will turn out. He was a gentlemen to let me know, though. (Thank you<3) It actually makes it much easier on me. I could name more flaws than likes about him, which is bad. HA. I need a man, anyway. Someone who can take me to new places, teach me new things. It’s okay, no worries. :)

Does anyone know any Scorpios? Haha

#fact. I will rarely share my feelings.


I will not open up towards how I feel about you. It is not that I’m shy. I just prefer not telling you how much I want you. You might just walk all over me.

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WOW, nice mix! For DAVILYN. ;) Haha

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This week,

Monday 7/11 - Start of summer school, Movies w/ Luis
Tuesday 7/12 - Thi Minh’s surprise birthday dinner
Wednesday 7/13 - Date
Thursday 7/14 - On Broadway
Friday 7/15 - Work, Study, boo …
Saturday 7/16 - Movie hangout, Decos

… is going to be awesome! ;)



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Francisco Lachowski is a cutieee! ;)



Francisco Lachowski is a cutieee! ;)


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Sometimes being honest puts me in a rut but isn’t the truth what people constantly yearn for?
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I spoke too soon. That’s why I choose to get to know someone before getting too serious because later on, people start to show their flaws and some are just not acceptable, at least for me. I mean, I know I shouldn’t judge because I’m friends with a lot of people with bad habits & good intentions but I shouldn’t lower my standards. There is better and I deserve better.

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l am always the listener.

If not me, then no one else. And sometimes people wonder why I am so quiet and here is one of the reasons, no one really listens to me when I  speak. It’s either, I say my part and they completely disregard my words and goes back talking about themselves or they hear me but don’t bother to pay attention. OR they interrupt me when I’m speaking. And that right there is the MOST ANNOYING THING SOMEONE CAN DO. I know that I don’t have much extravagant stories to tell but I do have a couple stories to share and I can show you my true personality if you just let me get a word in! But once I speak, people zone out. Is it me? Am I or my stories boring? Then why do people drag along in my life? Story is, no one cares enough to listen. I’m tired of always being the listener. But majority of people are just full of themselves. I should be used to it by now. The qualities that I need most & admire is someone who will listen and care. It’s sad how that’s rare to find.

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