Put your heart where your mouth is.
I like to keep my distance.

I like to keep my distance.

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Dark hair for the summer!But it will get lighter by the end, I bet.

Dark hair for the summer!
But it will get lighter by the end, I bet.

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I wanna change the world but I know I have to start with me. (by Kristine May.)


I wanna change the world but I know I have to start with me. (by Kristine May.)

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patricksteezy asked:

Hi, stranger. :)

Still needs to be done.

Still needs to be done.

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Everything was good but, Why must you be a smoker … ?! fuck.



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2009 <3

I finally received my yearbook back from my former English teacher the other day after 2 years! I gave it to her the last day of school to sign and we always forget about it every time we reunite. But I’m glad I have it back. I miss high school. I would say that I had a great experience. I was constantly surrounded by good company including friends and teachers. It was the best 4 years. :) I’m taking the time now to read all the comments in my yearbook and majority of it says the same things like: I’ll miss you, Don’t change, We didn’t hangout/talked much in school, Let’s hangout over summer, Keep in touch, You’re a great person, I wish you the best, Good luck. lol. These are some of my favorites that made me feel very appreciated. <3

I love you dearly, Vanna. You’re like one of the besterest friend that anyone can ever have. You told me all the rights and wrongs and I’ve listened to all your advices. I’ve also listened to all your stories from sad to happy, I’m there listening. Seriously, you have a great mind, personality and soul. You’re getting far in life and I see it. You’re gonna be my doctor remember? HA!… I’d never find a friend like you again. So don’t leave my life okay? You’re not like the rest at all. You’re soooo different… No matter what I’m here for you to turn to…

… Thanks for always being the happy good girl in between all the craziness of high school.” Hahaha

I am really going to miss you and making you laugh in class when I made faces at you. And the thing I am going to miss the most about you is how you pushed me to become a better person and for that I want to thank you. Love you, honey.

… You were an inspiration to me and your smile was infectious. I look forward to reading about you in the future when you change the world.

… I can’t even put words in a sentence how much you mean to me, you’ve been there for me through everything. You’ve been that understanding friend that I always wanted. You taught me alot of things about myself and others as well…  You’ve been here right when I need you.

… You are one of the only true friends that I have known & kept. In the future, you will go far and find a guy that is truly worth everything. You’re the sweetest person ever! … You are like my own little guardian angel, I swear.

No one else comes close or could ever replace the people who have been there for me and really know me. <3

MY blog.

You know, I post some really corny stuff on here. And on the other-hand, sometimes I seem angry through my words, then other days come off sad and then really happy. I’m just a mix of emotions. This site may portray a side of me you’ll rarely see in reality. I haven’t had many people I personally know follow me before but now that I have more than a handful, me posting my thoughts and feelings show that I trust you. You may or may not read my posts but I’m trusting that if so, you keep my words locked in this box and won’t go tell someone else what I stated or use it against me somehow. This is a blog; my blog where I write my unspoken words. No sugar-coats, no boundaries. I think that’s how it should be.

There’s no dilemmas in my life but lately, sleep has been much better than being in reality.

Sweet dreams. <3

Hypothetically speaking,

I really hope that when I am in a relationship and someone I know witnesses an incident that can effect my relationship in a bad way, they would tell me personally. I really hope that they choose to tell me the truth rather than spare my feelings. I can careless about how I feel and about the person I’m with if it comes down to me being hurt and humiliated in the long run. I know that it’s a tough predicament to be in if you are friends w/ a couple and you know that one of them did something scandalous. It’s difficult to be the one to interfere in the relationship and be the source to tell the other person what their significant other has done. Although it might result in an ending to a relationship, I would not be mad at you because you weren’t the cause of anything. I would be mad if you knew and did not choose to tell me. People should want what’s best for me, and if the person I’m with is not who I think he is then they should let me know with no hesitation so I don’t end up giving my all to someone who is sneakingly doing me wrong. You know?

Just please let me know.

I don’t know why I want something that I know I shouldn’t have, that I know I don’t deserve.

My birth flower, I would love a single one of these.

My birth flower, I would love a single one of these.

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Yumm &lt;3

Yumm <3

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